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I am so excited to tell you guys about this great opportunity that has come my way.  I have just recently taken over the fabulous travel booking website HappyLandTravels.  With our high powered search engine we are able to offer you some of the best search results in the industry for flights, travel, hotels, and car rentals.  We also offer a customized Amazon store front withing our website with hand picked items that you will not want to forget on your next flight.  Whether you are traveling within the US, Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world you will want to check with us first at HappyLandTravels.  Tired of comparing all those other comparision websites, well now you don't have to.  Our specialized booking search engine will search all of those other top airline and hotel websites so you don't have to.   Think of us as a one stop shop for all of you vacation booking needs.  You can rent a car, book an airline ticket, or rent a room all from one easy to navigate website.  Our clean proffesional look makes it super simple to look, click and book your next fabulous getaway.  Where will you go next?  Australia, Hawaii, Germany, France, the Bahamas or maybe even find a flight to Cuba!  You never know what kind of great deals you will find at HappyLandTravels.


There are many reasons why people travel, maybe they are in the military, the US Navy, Army, Marines or Air Force, maybe it is for business reasons, to find long lost relatives or of coarse everyone's favorite reason, vacation!  I remember my first vacation, I went to Hawaii with some of my other family members.  We had such a great time.  The weather was so beautiful and I remember you could see straight to the bottom of the ocean because the water was just so clear.  later in life I met my girlfriend who is from Germany.  Since we have been together i have had the chance to travel over to visit my German "in-laws" many times and often make a side trip to other destinations such as France, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Athens, and Morocco.  i am so proud to say I have seen so many beautiful places in my lifetime.  I love photography so taking pictures everywhere I go is a must.  I have recently stared selling some of my photos online in my Etsy shop EyePoems.  Being on vacation is what we wait for all year so why not stop by take a look and see what great deals you can find.  I hope you find something new to explore and take many photos along the way.  After all that is what life is all about.  Finding new experiences and learning new things.


As for DeckedOutDuds, we plan to add to our collection in the near future a whole new line of souvenir t-shirts with the flags off all different countrys.  You will be able to browse our large catalog of t-shirts to find just that perfect gift for yourself or someone else.  I hope you enjoyed shopping in our online clothing shop and hope you take the time to visit our new travel website.  Thanks.

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