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DeckedOutDuds Infant Onesie collection

Shopping for a newborn baby gift can be tough.  Parents can be quite particular when it comes to what kind of clothes they dress their babies in.  Some prefer a more preppy look while others choose to give there baby a more casual look.  Our collection of onesies has a little something for everyone.  After doing some research we learned that certain designs are not so readily available.  Take for instance Ford Onesies, if you search the web you will find the options are limited.  Here at DeckedOutDuds we have searched for these harder to find items and made them available to you.  Aside from Ford Mustang we also carry police, security as well as United States Air Force and Navy onsies.  Take a minute to browse our infant clothing section and see what you can find.


Onesie sizing


Choosing the right size is always important when shopping for a gift, that is why we offer a variety of sizes.  Keep in mind when choosing your size that the babies grow quite fast.  If you want to ensure the baby will get some use out of their new outfit we recommend ordering a size up.  After all, they only eat and grow.


Below is a list of the sizes we offer.


3-6 months (equivilent to a 3 month size)


6-12 months (equivilent to a 6 month size)


12-18 months (equivilent to a 12 month size)


18-24 months (equivilent to an 18 month size)


Caring for your garment


Whe laundering baby clothes you want to keep in mind that babies are far more sensitive than adults.  Make sure to wash your infants cloths in a seperate load and use child safe degergents that do not contain any dyes or perfumes.  These can cause rashes and otherwise irritate your babies sensitive skin.  When drying, dry on tumble low or hang to dry in order to keep the garment fresh and keep it from shrinking.  Follow these instructions and you should have one healthy happy baby on your hands.  Enjoy.


Custom printing


At this time we do not offer an custimization to any of our products.  Some certain altercations may be ade such as printing the design on the back rather than the front.  If you have a speacal request please don't hesitate to ask and we will try our best to accomodate.


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