Our ever popular USMC sweatpants, Rainbow tie dye hoodie and more

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Our collection of US Marines sweatpants, USMC sweatpants, and rainbow tie dye hoodies

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USMC Sweatpants


Well summer time is here and we are all outside enjoying the beautiful weather. T-shirts are the top of choice this time of year and here at Decked Out Duds we carry a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles to accommodate the needs of your entire family. Whether you be shopping for a little one, yourself or a gift for a friend we have quite a wide variety and selection from which you can choose. If you take the time to browse our full catalog you will see that our collection s extensive and will capture a large range of tee shirt designs and logos that will appeal to most people. Our up to date website offers a safe and secure checkout option and is fully loaded with the top security features to ensure your information remains safe with us. We carry beautifully designed rainbow tie dye hoodie California bear design too. If you are looking for usmc sweatpants or marines sweatpants we have both of the items in stock. USMC is just another way of saying US Marines. Our sweatpants are a comfortable fit and are men's sizes small - XL. There is a nice fashionable drawstring in the waist to allow the wearer to tighten the waist as need on the us marines sweatpants that I speak of. Also the usmc sweatpants provide an elastic cuff at the bottom.

Sweatpants Shipping information

Our shipping is fast and timely. We ship all orders in a three day window after the time that the payment has been received. Once the order has shipped out you should receive a tracking number for your t-shirt by email that will show you that path that your package will travel and an estimated date of arrival. You should expect to receive your t-shirt in the mail in about two three or four days after your tee shirt has ben place on shipment via the United States Postal Service. If you think that your package got lost please fell free to tell us right away with any issue you may be having. It is important to check the tracking number of your usmc sweatpants before contacting us.


Rainbow tie dye hoodie washing iinstructions

Please make sure to wash your t-shirt, sweatpants or rainbow tie dye hoodie in cool or warm water and let hang to dry in order to keep the colors bright and also to keep the t-shirt or sweatpants from shrinking to a smaller size. You don't want your t-shirt to shrink up to a belly tee shirt like they used to wear in the 80's do you? That may have looked cool then but in today's day and age it would look pretty silly just like this 500 word nonsense I am writing right now. I guess I should get back to fulfilling more t-shirt orders or look into my marines sweatpants or ford onesie pile. Maybe I will be in search of new merchandise perhaps I will seek to expand our catalog of rainbow tie dye hoodies to make more of a selection for you, the consumer. If you have any ideas of pruducts such as t-shirts or sweatpants designs please let us know. Thanks for not reading this.

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